Our Story

We’ve been where you are.  It’s tough getting started. Lots of advice, much of it wrong.  It might work for a 200-person manufacturing plant, but you’ve got only yourself, maybe a partner, working part time.  So are we.  Working a full-time job to pay the bills and recover from the bad advice of other startup vendors.

Our CEO was successful in industry, but no one would give him a start on his own.  He had proven his concepts, but all the incubators offered services only at high costs, or to a limited few.  Their training was old, outmoded, and not applicable.  So he read, and studied, and hired coaches to teach an agile business method.

Our Approach

Some startup centers claim a high success rate by limiting who they let in. Our approach is different:

We Train Everybody!  Everyone willing to work will receive the basics of business – free of charge.  Those who need coaching on a specific area can receive it from one of our consultants, and can stop the coaching when they’re ready to move forward.

The other locations have limited hours.  If you’re still working, how can you attend training at 9am or noon?  Online access and virtual coaching is designed to meet the needs of most who are ready to build a business while working to pay the bills.

Next Steps…

Take a look around.  Leave comments in the Discussion Cafe.

And be on the lookout for local meetups.  We’ll let you know.