Borrowed Knowledge

It’s said the total volume of knowledge is doubling every 12-14 months, and as the internet of things (IoT) grows, that could shrink to every 12 hours!

That’s a lot to learn, and we have so much else to do. Like making a living and adding value to the universe.  The best approach, then, is to learn from others.

I’m constantly learning.  While I’m driving I listen.  I read.  I go to conferences and events.  But there’s still more.

One way to learn is to create a “swipe file”.  Make a file on your computer or device that collects good ideas, sales pitches that grab your attention, and interesting photos.  Be sure you document where you found them, in case you want to reference the author in your own contribution to the knowledge universe.

The value of ‘swiped’ content is to spark the idea factory.

  • If someone else took the time to learn how to write an engaging marketing letter, what can I learn about his flow, his approach, his font and color blends?  I don’t want to copy exactly, but there may be part of the structure that can be repurposed into my own materials.
  • A photo could be the inspiration for an artist’s next masterpiece.  Or combine elements of several.  What attracted you to this picture, painting, or sculpture? Learn and apply.
  • How often do musicians watch and learn licks and progressions from one another?  This is an audio swipe file.  Trading knowledge, passing it along.

The point is to be aware of your surroundings.  Watch for examples.

And never stop learning



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