Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Studies have shown that successful entrepreneurs tend to have similar characteristics, regardless of background or industry. They tend to be

  1. Self-confident – that magical power of believing they can succeed
  2. Achievement Orientated – They know results come from focused and sustained effort. They concentrate on achieving a specific goal, not just accomplishing a string of unrelated tasks.
  3. Comfortable with Risk – They realize that there is a chance of loss inherent in achieving their goals, yet they have the confidence necessary to take calculated risks to achieve their goals.

Entrepreneurs want to control their own destinies. They are not afraid to make decisions, take action, and think of alternate possibilities.  They know their success depends on raw effort and hard work, not luck.

The sum of these three is attitude.  The entrepreneur must position themselves mentally toward success.  Negative thinking simply is not allowed. They must truly believe that there are no circumstances strong enough to deter them from reaching their goals. Their positive thinking opens doors to new ideas, customers, and markets.

They know success follows action.  Occasional failure is expected and tolerated.  And when one approach becomes unworkable, they act to adjust activity to meet the challenges presented.  Not that they are constantly switching course – that does no good, since action must be persistent – but they are flexible enough to find a creative way to try again or just go around the challenges.

Successful entrepreneurs maintain a strong belief in themselves and their skills. They stick with it, and don’t give up. If you can do that, you’re already half way there!

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